Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus has grown to be a name synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. Located just to the Southwest of Marbella Puerto Banus is a marina resort that, in the past twenty years has become a major hot-spot for holiday-makers looking for some glamour and style on their vacation.

Named after Jose Banus, the property developer who created the resort, it was always the intention of making Puerto Banus a luxury destination to attract the rich and famous to the Costa Del Sol. Benefitting from its prime location on the Mediterranean coast of Andalucía, and with the unique micro-climate that affords the area with pleasant year round temperatures the resort that has subsequently developed in the years since is a beautiful model of sophistication; a sprawl of low-level traditional Mediterranean white buildings that are home to a vast array of expensive shops, restaurants and bars; all overlooking the wide marina which hosts some of the world’s most impressive yachts.   

A regular destination for film stars and actors, royalty and rockers, Puerto Banus is now one of Europe’s premier holiday destinations attracting over 5 million visitors per year. Luxury hotels and apartments reside among the exclusive designer boutiques, overlooking the stunning marina and offering views out across the Med to the shores of Africa. A lavish, opulent resort for the wealthy and the well-known, Puerto Banus offers sumptuous dining, some extravagant retail opportunities, glitzy night-life and some of the most luxurious surroundings in which to unwind from the stresses of life.

As it was envisioned to be, Puerto Banus remains today a glittering beacon of class and style upon the shores of the Costa Del Sol.

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