The Marbella Micro-Climate

You may have heard before about the so-called micro-climate that exists in Marbella. Well, you know what? It’s true.

With its unique location sandwiched between the Mediterranean and the Sierra Blanca Mountains, Marbella enjoys a remarkable degree of year round sun and warmth. Hot summers and mild winters are the norm for the region with an average 320 days sunshine per year and a temperature rarely lower than 16 degrees in the winter and around the high 20’s in summer.

It makes Marbella a true, year round holiday destination; a chance to bask under a blazing sun on your summer holiday or escape the wind, rain or snow of a typical Northern European Winter.

January – March

Typically the days will be bright and warm, if not quite hot enough for sunbathing. Average daytime temperatures range between 16 and 19 degrees C with 6 -7 hours of sunshine. Nights get chilly however so warmer clothes would be required. You may get the odd rainy day.

April & May

A generally warm and pleasant time of the year as the summer begins to warm up. Daytime temperatures in the low 20s can be expected although there may still be a slight chill to the evenings. April can sometimes be prone to a few heavy downpours but by and large the days are usually bright and sunny.


The hottest, brightest and sunniest time of the year. Long, sun-drenched days with temperatures in the high 20s, low 30s can be expected with warm, balmy evenings. Little rain falls this time of year.

October – December

Summer seems to last a little longer in this part of the world. October can be a hot month of sunny days and mild evenings although it’s wise to take some warmer clothes. As the year nears its end through November and December, the days cling onto the sunshine although a few rainy days can be expected and the nights tend to grow cooler.

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